Written Press

April 2021           New York Times 


What is ‘Cheugy’? You know it when you see it. 

April 2021     University of Michigan College of                               Literature, Sciences, and The Arts


It’s Good to Hear Your Voice 

March 2021               Deseret


America’s ‘Great Awokening’ Explained 

September 2020     7 News Australia 


These 6 words and phrases have racist and offensive backgrounds

July 2020     


These 11 words and phrases have racist and offensive backgrounds 

June 2020        Feminist Friday Medium


Interview with Kelly Wright, Sociolinguist

June 2020      The Economist Johnson Column

Language is a telling clue to unacknowledged racial attitudes

Spoken Press

October 2020  Because Language Podcast

Episode 13: White Supremacy

Listen Here

July 2020              Lexis Podcast

Episode 6

Listen Here

July 2020        End of Sport Podcast

Episode 27

Listen Here

May 2020   Unstandardized English Podcast

We need to talk about Karen

Listen Here

December 2019   Unstandardized English Podcast

Discriminating Outcomes

Listen Here

February 2019   The Vocal Fries Podcast, Episode 40

On The Basis of Voice

Listen Here

August 2018   BBC World Service Weekend Program

Listen Here

June 2017   Lexington Community Radio

Listen Here

November 2019    The Undefeated ESPN

Why do we see Myles Garrett as 'criminal'?

August 2018    The Economist Johnson Column

Black voices, white voices: The Cost of Accents

Journal Publications
Academic Publications 


December 2019   Experiments on Linguistic Profiling of Three American Dialects

(text available upon request for classroom or research purposes)

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