Qualifying Research Report

A presentation in partial fulfillment of advancement to Candidacy

Inclusivity Pressures

Text of speech and slides from presentation linked

Presented as part of Black Becoming, a panel at the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting 2020

Our Ears Are as Prejudiced as Our Eyes

A presentation on linguistic profiling for UMich Recruitment 2019

Measuring Change in Real and Apparent Time

A guest lecture for Dr. Ariana Bancu at Northeastern University

Lexical Racialization Examined Through Machine Learning

Presented as part of the Information Analysis and Retrieval Winter Seminary Series (2019)

Lexical Racialization Examined Through Machine Learning

A poster presented at the New Ways of Analyzing Variation conference in NYC, October 2019

Linguistic Discrimination

A guest lecture for Dr. Israel Sanz-Sanchez at Westchester University

Measuring Implicit Biases Through the Statistical Properties of Language 

A pecha kucha presentation for the Historical Sociolinguistics Network, July 2019


A Report from the North American Research Network in Historical Sociolinguistics

New Ways of Analyzing Variation 2018

Lexical Racialization Revealed through Machine Learning

Mellon Fellowship in Publicly-Engaged Humanities

21 June 2019 Ann Arbor District Library

Opportunity Hub Celebrate Workshop Slides

A workshop on natural discrimination (categorical perception) and offensive discrimination in the workplace.

Chicago Linguistics Society 2018

You will find linked a poster and a presentation of this material.

Normed Speech Samples: 




Five Minute Linguist LSA 2018

Five Minute Linguist is a live, judged competition for scientists to communicate their research to a general audience. My portion starts right at 30 minutes, but I encourage watching the entire video!

Linguistic Society of America 2018

Eye Tracking for Change: Investigating Institutionalized Racism through the Semantic Enregisterment of Racialized Adjectives

National Council for Black Studies 2018

Covert Segregation: Dialect Discrimination in the Housing Market

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